The Human Connection (HC) Project is designed to help shift the separative "mind-set" of humanity.  It is our sense that our interconnectedness needs to be felt and thought, intuitively by every human being. This project intends to present the following scientifically derived images of human interconnectedness via news reports, print media, talk show formats, feature documentaries and dramatic films.

1.International multi-cultural audiences will see images, specifically prepared for popular television news programs, of physiological interactivity between and among people located in widely separated geographic locations, using split-screen presentations.

2.People that are either friends or strangers will belong to different groups with five members each. Well known celebrities as well as groups of Buddhist monks will form teams heightening public interest.  A member from each group will be positioned at one of five cooperating neuroscientific laboratories located in both North American and European cities.

3.Experimentally-derived, physiological data will be graphically represented on scientific instruments showing subtle changes in person-to-person, mind/body interaction, as people from each group, in turn, "covertly" focus their attention on one of the four members on their group over one-way video teleconferencing equipment.

4.A narrative will help viewers grasp that all people are united by an interactive creative awareness, showing the general public that our interest or indifference towards one another affects each of us individually and by implication the health and well-being of humanity

5.News releases carrying commentary on these images will announce:
"A large scale cooperative multinational scientific experiment has recently gathered evidence that people of all races are aligned or misaligned personally and socially by how they pay attention to each other.  In short, how we pay attention to ourselves, to one another and to Nature determines the quality of our relationship's, in very concrete tangible ways."

Rationale:  When a person is presented with a sensation, feeling, thought or intuition, it takes millions of cooperating brain cells, orchestrating together, for these perceptions to reach consciousness.  Approximately 97% of what happens in our so-called "consciousness" remains unconscious.  Similarly, within the "global brain," millions of people may need to perceive compelling "Seeing is Believing" evidence of being linked together for humanity to have a conscious perception of being interconnected. 

A series of 90-second news releases presenting evidence of collective consciousness to the world could trigger a whole-system-transition, integrating the overall consciousness of humanity.  The Human Connection Project contends that millions of people will share a greater sense of belonging together after watching extensive media announcements and presentations.  Out of this heightened sense of connection to a larger whole, it is predicted that a new level of shared intelligence, compassion, and creativity will begin to develop among people.  This might help us untangle the divisive characteristics of personal, familial, cultural, national and economic boundaries, bringing us a step closer to a peaceful and balanced planetary civilization.

Complementary ways of rapidly accessing a state of deep group rapport have been developed that support these scientific, media-based methods.  A state referred to as Planetary Consciousness is often achieved, an unmistakable sense of existing in a unity with all people and the whole of nature. 

These techniques, the Group Insight Game among them, are useful for consensual decision making allowing organizations to by-pass hours of meeting time.  By effortlessly producing and attracting beneficial behavior patterns, these processes strengthen originality, authenticity and creativity.  Individual participants in a group learn to be led by a collective intelligence that is greater than any one of its members. Making businesses more competitive through  spirited cooperation could change the way we do business.  Corporate consultants and experts in leadership have so far responded enthusiastically.

Having completed the first phase of the project, funded by the Mind Science Foundation, the Fetzer Institute, and various individuals, we are currently seeking $711K to finance the remaining 3 phases.

The Human Connection Project:
Educating for Peace through Planetary Consciousness

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Larry Dossey, M.D.

Stanley Krippner, Ph.D.

David Lorimer, P.G.C.E.

Edgar Mitchell, Ph.D.

Karl Pribram, Ph.D.

Dean Radin, Ph.D.

Peter Russell, D.C.S.

Rupert Sheldrake, Ph.D.


Amit Goswami, Ph.D.

Beverly Rubik, Ph.D.


Sperry Andrews


Eve Berry, M.A.

Roberta Joan, M.Ed


Jerry Wesch, Ph.D.


Dick Berman, Ph.D.

Steve Fahrion, Ph.D.

Mark Germine, Pc.M.D.

Dean Radin, Ph.D.

T.M. Srinivasan, Ph.D.

Sydney Weinstein, Ph.D.

The Human Connection Project